What We Do

People. Technology. Together.

HC Technologies stands at the crossroads of proprietary trading and innovative technology.

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Discipline in innovation.

At HC Technologies, we believe in a diverse, strategic approach to trading.

Our strong basis in data-driven trading, paired with our global network and a portfolio balanced across a wide array of asset classes, has positioned us to expand into new opportunities and avenues.


Our diversity is driven by our global footprint. We operate throughout the world, allowing us access to premier talent and first-hand information.


We’ve built our own framework for analyzing global markets, allowing us to draw insights others might not see. And we’re always improving our technology.


As experienced risk managers, we pair our technological prowess with experience and judgment, keeping us grounded in a volatile industry.


Leadership at HC are personally invested in the talent on our team. We’re committed to growing and changing as our traders do, and it shows in the tenure of our team.


We pull more data from more places to make more informed decisions and build better tools.


Our multi-strategy approach ensures we remain stable when markets fluctuate. We trade in multiple asset classes and pair our advanced technology with the human intuition of our expert traders.


We cultivate and manage significant relationships with many exchanges, ECNs, and market participants so that we can access new and more opportunities.


The consistency of our leadership and structure allow us to follow where opportunity leads, moving quickly and uncovering new paths forward.

An exceptional place to work

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At HC Tech, we strive to be more than a job—we want to be a career. Our traders benefit from a flexible culture that allows them to grow and evolve their roles.